• TARGET: 2022 Realtor engagement strategy. Engaging agents you already work with or re-engaging with agents from the past.

  • 7 emails over 28 days

  • Explains why they want to partner with

    your company


E1 - day 1

Synopsis: Asks real estate agents how they're holding up in this rather difficult market and affirms your commitment to supporting them in everything you do.

E2 - day 5

Synopsis: Makes real estate agents aware of all the programs available to compete against cash offers in today's red-hot market.

E3 - day 11

Synopsis: Highlights how easy you can make the loan process for the buyer from the moment they submit their loan application to closing the deal and beyond.

E4 - day 14
Synopsis: Tells Realtors about the level of support they can expect from you and your team.

E5 - day 19

Synopsis: Checks in with agents and assures them you will work hard for them.

E6 - day 23
Synopsis: Discusses the effective communication that the LO can offer the real estate agent

E7 - day 28

Synopsis: Stresses your commitment to the partnership and lets them know you are looking forward to helping their next client.

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