Once you have logged into your GoDaddy account, go to the DNS section of your URL (aka - Domain, web address). Note that the actual settings are the same for any registrar.

1. Once you locate your URL and go to the DNS settings, first thing you want to do is update the existing A record with Type: A, Name: @, then update the Data field to:

2. Create a new record with Type: A, Name:@, then set the Data field to:

3. Locate the record Type: CNAME, Name: www, then set the Data field to: s.multiscreensite.com

4. Let us know when you have completed steps 1-3. We will then install the security certificate. Of course, if you need assistance, please let us know in the chat at the lower-right :)

This animated GIF should assist.

Once your site is published and active, please let us know so we can ensure all functionality is working.

Potential issues:
You already have a Forward setup on your URL - Delete the forward at the bottom of page, Refresh the page then add the three records in the steps above.

Once you update the DNS - it will generally make your site live within 30-60 min. If it takes a longer than that and you have cleared your browser cache, please let us know.

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