**Please be aware that any change is not visible to the world until you click "Republish" at the top of the screen.

***If you do not see the "Republish", you are either in Preview mode or you were not given permissions to republish.

****If you haven't logged-in to your website before - check out this article first: http://support.intentcrm.net/en/articles/5946359-preview-your-website

When you are logged into your interface: web.intentmarketing.io - You will see all sites that you have access to. For most, it will be just one.

You can view statistics and click 'Edit' button to update your website.

After you click 'Edit' - you will go to the site you chose in Edit mode.

If you want to add comments to relay to store notes, or if we are assisting you in updating your website, just click the 'orange circled' button (in image below) to watch a walkthrough of how comments work.

**At any point in time, you can click the 'Preview' button to view the site with the changes you made, without making them live to the world**

In order to make a change, you first must located an editable section - most text and images are open for changing. However, we do lock changes in many elements of your website. Those sections are locked as they are elements that are either necessary for functionality or are dangerous to change alone. If you see "View Only" - that means the section is locked.

To update text, simply click in that area and you can begin editing, just like you would in a document. Additionally, there are many formatting options that should look quite familiar to you. You can also add links to any text by highlighting the text you want the link to appear on, then clicking the 2-links of chain to add a link.

Once you are finished editing, just click the 'Green Check'

To change or edit an image, simply click within the image (1). On the "Image Content" popup, click "Replace" (2). It will then give you the opportunity to find an existing image, or upload a new one (3). Once you chose your new image, simply close the popup and it automatically saves your work.

To change or edit a photo gallery - it's a little different. You can edit the text and image by clicking on the gallery image you want to update. The text and title are available to edit - same with a button, if one exists.

To move from one page to another - just click the current page and chose the page you want to edit.

If you need to UNDO the last change - or multiple changes - just click the UNDO button...then again until you UNDO the change you made that you don't want.

Once you ware satisfied with the updates you made - or - would like to see the changes on the LIVE site, just click 'Republish'. Please be aware - clicking the republish button will make any changes live for the world to see. Once you publish, you cannot necessarily UNDO the changes you made previous.

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