When we build your custom website, we will invite you to preview the site before we publish it. At that point, you'll receive an email similar to below. There will be a link to click and the login email will be the email you provided us.

When you click the link, it will take to you a login screen where you'll be asked to setup a password. Create your password and confirm it. Be sure to click, "Remember Me" and it's always a good idea to bookmark the site, once you're logged in.

Once logged in, you'll see your website listed. Just click Preview. The following images will show you how you can preview the site. The first preview is of 3 device types and how it will appear on each. Desktop/Laptop, Tablet and Mobile (aka, smartphone). You can scroll and click links on each preview at once.

By clicking the desired device preview, you can view each of the three options full-screen. Desktop/Laptop:



If you want to add Comments to the page or Edit the site - look at this step-by-step article: http://support.intentcrm.net/en/articles/5946431-edit-your-website

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