Understanding Compliance 

Intent has worked diligently to create a compliant texting system for you. In order to receive any text marketing communications from you, your contacts need to have opted in to receive those messages. We built the customer portal to do just that, since you cannot text a buyer to receive their permission to text them. 

Being respectful of people’s time and maintaining good practice with your texting will help ensure that everyone is happy. At any time, a customer can reply “STOP” and we will discontinue sending texts. 

Much like email marketing, text marketing is permission based in order to protect the privacy of your customer. Opting out is the same as unsubscribing to your emails and ignoring that is considering SPAM. 

Receiving Permission

Permission from the customer is emailed to them from the customer portal. They acknowledge that they give permission and then we double opt in with their first text message to ensure that they consent to receive text messages. This is known as “Double opt-in” and is best practice when it comes to texting. 

We will then send a message thanking them for opting in, tell them again that standard text rates will apply (this is also found in the customer portal) and inform them they can opt out at any time.

Example: “Thank you for opting into texting! I promise to be respectful of your time. I will be sending you updates via text about your mortgage needs as they happen daily or weekly. You can always access your customer portal to opt out or type STOP at any time to opt out of texts. Standard texts rates may apply.”

Opt Outs 

If a consumer texts STOP, the customer’s phone number will be opted out and will not be sent any further messages. Opting out of text messaging does not mean that you cannot contact this person any longer via phone or email, but it does mean that you can no longer text them.

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