Texting is priced out based upon “credits” and we calculate that in the following way-

  • Standard texts (SMS or Short Message Service)

  • Photo texts (MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service)

  • Video texts (MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service)

Video texts are charged as three text messages. Each SMS is limited to 160 characters. If the text goes beyond this limit, the text may be split into two or more messages.

How Many Text Credits Will You Need?

 The kind of account you will need to be based upon how much business you do or intend to do. Important things to calculate are how many campaigns you assign, how many leads you are buying and how many loans you are closing.

The average number of texts per Nurture Campaign is 6 texts

  • 4 borrower/business contact and 

  • 2 to the referral agent

Lead Generation Texting

Depending on the aggressiveness of the campaign you assign to your online leads, these numbers can vary greatly as well as the length of time it takes for your lead to return your call or texts. There are 10-12 texts built into lead gen campaigns, so verifying which will work for you will help determine which plan is best.

Purchase Milestone Texting 

For each loan transaction, Intent will send 35 texts

  • Borrower – 12

  • Buyer's Agent – 8

  • Listing Agent – 7

  • LO – 6

  • Title Agent – 2

Purchase of new construction home will send 41 texts Same as above + Builder's Rep – 6

Refinance transactions will send 14 texts

  • Borrower – 9

  • LO - 5


  • The cost associated with the texting plan you select will be included in your monthly invoice from Intent at the beginning of each month. 

  • If you surpass the monthly texting limit of your plan, you will be charged for those additional text messages in the next month’s invoice. 

  • If you wish to cancel the texting option, please do so before the last day of the month to avoid being charged for an additional month of service.

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